Maddiethekat’s Wood FAQ

Most items take 1-2 days to make. They will be shipped as soon as they are complete using First Class Mail with tracking. Priority Mail is also available if you want a littler quicker delivery.

I mostly use acrylics. Acrylic paint markers are also great - just make sure you get ones with fine tips. Watercolors more "dyes" the wood then paints it. I have also tried colored pencils, the result is similar to watercolors where it changes colors and shows off wood grain.

You will also probably want to seal your wood and paints - please look under How should I finish the wood? in this FAQ for recommendations.

I am still experimenting on finding perfect brushes. The smallest I have used so far is #18 and also #0000 brush by Winsor & Newton. Both are perfect for painting teeny tiny areas. But just like anything there are many different varieties of paint brushes. What might be a size #18 by one company is way larger from another paint brush brand, so you definitely have to do some trial and error. I plan to try a #20 next.

On very small items you will want to use very light paint on the brush tip so that it doesn't go inside engravings. It is better to do a couple thin layers than to put too thick paint on top and ruin the tiny project.

These are some that I have tried or am using: I will update this when I run into ones I LOVE. 🙂

Brush Set that has a size 10 in it

First brush set I started with but no brushes small enough for extra fine details

Most can use 6mm posts. The tinier ones will need 4mm posts. I try to include which ones require the smaller posts in the product listings.

At the moment I use epoxy E6000. I have never had anything fall apart after using it as far as jewelry items and the like. You do need to make sure you apply in a ventilated area. If anyone ever finds a more natural glue that is as strong as this - please let me know!

I did too much research trying to figure this one out before I even got wood to experiment with!

The ones I have used so far are:


Deft Wood Finish - is even baby safe once dries - but can be expensive - stock up when on sale!
Miniwax Lacquer
Krylon Acrylic Spray

Natural product: (does make wood darken)

Odie's Oil (non-toxic - does Not work over paint)

I am sure there are many other ways to finish wood. But this is what I have used up to this point. I usually prefer semi-gloss or the like, but that is my personal preference.

Again, wood oils do not work over paints! But if you plan to leave the wood natural while adding some protection, than these can be great.