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Meet Pixel

Meet PixelMeet Pixel Icon. My new tortoiseshell kitten. I just adopted her on March 3rd (more pics below). She and setting up my new laser website site has what has been keeping me busy.

When I went to get her spayed they recommended I take her to the vet for a physical. I found out she was pregnant the day before the procedure was going to be done. So I unknowingly got a pregnant kitty – who ended up being twice the age I was told.

So between researching what she needs for birthing and setting up my new website at maddiethekat.com, I have been very busy.

I started my website at square – but it was a failure. The site kept going down, and I kept running into problems. So I canceled and decided to try my hand at wordpress with woocomerce. Success! Took a couple days but I got the hang of it. And learning new things all the time. So many options, and a month later I am almost done with my new site www.maddiethekat.com. Haven’t run into too many problems, and the ones I have, I have mostly resolved. Plus it’s going to be a huge savings. I plan to move my bead pattern site to a woocomerce platform as well.

I wanted to include some pictures of the wood items I have been working on lately, but the photos I took sucked. So I will leave you with ones of my new precious cat, Pixel.

Soon I will be sharing Pixel as mom pictures. I have never had a pregnant cat before. So this will be… interesting. 🙂

Pixel Toy Hoarder

Pixel at Vet

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