New Custom Ornaments + Pixel

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This is my first in my line of custom items. I finished the creation process over the weekend… the hardest part was finding a text that engraved clearly. I will have these up for sale soon. They can be customized with a name, date or year on the small charms. These are original hand drawn designs by Lynda M. Metcalf. Aren’t they cute!

They take over 30 minutes to engrave on my glowforge, a longish time, but they are detailed. I plan to seal them with Odie’s oil. They come with jute twine, ready to hang. I know we are far from Christmas,  but it’s something I wanted to do for a while.8EDB3E7F 8EA5 424A 9C75 68EBFD7FB8E2Here is a recent picture of my pregnant kitten Pixel. I don’t know if you can see how big her belly is… but she is nearing her time. The vet said her due date was around the 15th.

Now that I finished my new wood website, I plan to movie my bead pattern website too woocommerce as well. It will probably be a lengthy process, but will save me a lot of money a year!

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